PROGRAM For many participants caving is an introduction to another world. Fusion facilitates ‘horizontal’ caving—meaning there is no abseiling into or in the caves. This also means that a wider range of participants can take part in this activity.
VENUE There are a variety of caves around Tasmania. Call our office to discuss options.
GROUP SIZE Fusion works to the ratios 1 qualified leader to 6 participants with a minimum of 2 leaders, refer TASED-4-1765 and Adventure Activity Standards Tasmania.
TIME To get the best experience in a cave system requires a minimum of 3 hours (plus travel time)
LEADERS QUALIFICATIONS All facilitators are required to hold certificates for relevant cave systems.
EQUIPMENT Fusion will provide all helmets and lights and emergency support procedures and contacts.
GENERAL COMMENTS Caves are great fun including getting really dirty. Participants need to provide old clothes (preferably waterproof); if available overalls are an excellent option. Participants also need to provide a change of warm clothes for after the caving activity.