PROGRAM A great personal challenger, and shared experience for a group. Abseiling brings for many of us life time memories. That exhilaration of finally stepping over the edge pushes questions of trust and self picture. Also a great activity for schools that run free choice days.

PROGRAM GROUP SIZE We recommend groups of up to 20 to allow for multiple abseils in a session. For this activity a minimum of 2 staff from a school/group then dependant on groups skills. Dept. of Ed. TASED-4-1765 recommends a ratio of 1:10.

TIME This activity requires the minimum of 1/2 day at the venue, adding on travel time.

VENUE: There are various venues that we can recommend.

LEADERS QUALIFICATIONS : All lead instructors are registered and qualified through the Tasmanian Climbing Association (TCIA).

EQUIPMENT Fusion provides all equipment including harness and helmets.

GENERAL COMMENTS Due to the nature of abseiling, there will be periods of waiting times for participants. When abseiling facilitators are focusing on one participant at a time. Having enough to School staff to supervise students is vital for all round safety.

Some venues availability are affected by tide patterns.