LEADER PARTICIPATION You want your students to get the most out of it, we recommend that staff engage with the students as they participate and reflect. It is a great time to build your relationships with students. But also remember—your not there to do the work for them. We will also ask prior to your visit what goals you have for your group. This helps our facilitators tailor a program to suit the dynamics and needs of your group.

SUPERVISION During periods before & after sessions and during meal breaks supervision of the students returns to the teaching staff. There will be a clear handover from our lead facilitator.

RISK Fusion Australia Ltd has $20 million public liability insurance, volunteer insurance, professional indemnity and workers compensation cover. Copies of insurance ‘Certificate of Currency ‘and ‘Risk Assessments’ are available upon request.

INDEMNITY FORMS Each participant is required to have completed a Fusion Aust Ltd Indemnity form prior to participating.

LEADERS QUALIFICATIONS Fusions Facilitators all have a minimum of ‘Conduct low ropes session’, ‘Conduct High Ropes Session’, ‘Vertical Rescue’ & First Aid. Some facilitators also hold abseiling and caving qualifications. Many have years of experience beyond their qualifications.

Our facilitators also take part in, in-service training.

All facilitators have Working With Children’s Check, or equivalent and all our facilitators sign a Fusion Aust Ltd Code of Conduct.

ALERGIES On arrival your lead facilitator will check with you as to any Health or medical issues of participants. Be aware that Forest Glen property does have ‘Jack Jumper’ nests. We regularly monitor and will physically flag when an active nest is identified

CLOTHING Participants will require to wear closed in footwear for all activities. During summer months a hat and water bottle, and winter suitable warm clothes.

BUS ACCESS While Gryces Road has steep sections and the last section of our driveway is also steep, 95% busses have no problem accessing all the way to the top car park with space for turning.

WEATHER & FIRE RISKS If a day of Extreme or higher fire danger is forecast all facilities at Forest Glen will be closed. On days of high winds the course may also need to close for safety.

FEES Our aim to make Fusion Adventure Based Learning programs as accessible to Schools and similar agencies as possible. For this reason we quote on each booking individually.

CANCELATION We really do hope you can make it, however if you have to cancel within a 48hr period Fusion will pass the minimum wage costs to you to be fair to our sessional staff.


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